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Iranian and Persian catering: ask for your quote!

Are you looking for an Iranian caterer to organize a good traditional meal with friends or family?

Call on our partners Iranian caterers for all types of events: weddings, buffets, aperitifs, cocktails, receptions, birthdays or Nowruz parties? We send you personalized quotes according to your wishes.

Iranian catering and Persian catering for you events and receptions

Request a quote for an Iranian caterer

The best Iranian caterers

Iran-cuisine recommends the best Iranian caterers to you and offers you reduced prices for ordering traditional Persian food for delivery or to be picked up on site.

Wherever you are in United States or United Kingdom, we will find you the Iranian caterer or Persian caterer who will best meet your needs.

So don’t hesitate any longer: let us know what you want and we assure you to find a delicious Iranian caterer or Persian caterer near you!

Iran-cuisine puts at your disposal all its Iranian caterers and partners Persian caterers. We benefit from preferential rates to meet your catering needs at the best price!

Iranian cuisine for your events

Whether you are Iranian or just an Iranian food lover, choose from many Iranian specialties for your buffets and receptions.

Iranian cuisine is very rich in colors and flavors! It is the ideal kitchen to treat and surprise your guests at events of all kinds. Whether you fancy a good Ghormeh Sabzi or a delicious Khoresh Gheymeh as a main course, or Lavash bread accompanied by Panir, Mast-o-khiar or Kashke Bademjoon for your aperitif dinner, our Persian caterers will delight your taste buds and offer a quote that perfectly matches your expectations!

For the more gourmet, our Iranian caterers also offer many desserts such as Ferni, Sholeh Zard and many others!

Iranian catering In United States and United Kingdom

Wherever you are in US or UK, Iran-cuisine will find you the best Iranian Catering near you or Persian catering service at the best price !

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