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Make your loved ones travel to Iran and the Persian Empire through its colorful and flavorful gastronomy! So, get in the kitchen to test and share the richness of Persian Food during your dinners and receptions! If you liked Persian Cuisine, also discover African Food, another really delicious gastronomy!

Loobia polo

Cooking Time: 1h20
Loobia polo (or lubia polo) is one of my favourite persian dish and is very popular in Iran. It’s a perfect combination of rice, green...

Khoresh Gheymeh

Cooking Time: 4h15
Khoresh Gheymeh (or Gheimeh), also known as polo Gheymeh (polo meaning rice), is a traditional Persian stew very popular in Iran. Materials needed for the...

Abgoosht (Dizi)

Cooking Time: 4h45
Abgoosht (آبگوشت Ābgusht) Abgoosht (آبگوشت), also called dizi (دیزی) is a traditional Persian stew, very popular in Iran and easy to prepare for cooking enthusiasts. It consists mainly of lamb,...